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In 1991 the universe set into motion a turn of events that would forever change the lives of fellow performers Tim Clark and Gary Alexander.

In the summer of 1991 Gary Alexander walked into Southland Studios in Charlotte, NC with his bandmates looking to record a demo with studio manager and producer Tim Clark.

“I knew Tim Clark was the front man for Sugarcreek and they were one of the biggest rock bands to come out of the Carolinas” Gary said.

Sugarcreek is considered music royalty in Myrtle Beach and had more sold out dates at the Magic Attic (Famous Myrtle Beach Attraction) than anyone in history.

After years of touring with some of the biggest road shows with acts such as Cheap Trick, Huey Lewis, Little River Band, Kansas and more, Sugarcreek disbanded and Tim took a job producing bands and managing Southland Studios in Charlotte.

“I remember Gary couldn’t have been more than 14 years old and though the band was young I recall being surprised at how good they actually were” said Tim.

Little did they know this meeting would begin a chain of events that would intertwine the two for the rest of their lives.

“In 1992, I stayed in high school playing music and Tim took a job in Myrtle Beach working for Dolly Parton at the brand new Dixie Stampede” Gary recalls.

Tim began a long relationship with Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede that would see him being the featured emcee, vocalist, and comedian during his tenure.

Around 1993, Gary had decided Myrtle Beach would be the place to make his dreams come true in music and relocated there directly out of high school.

In 1994, Gary began working for Larry Gatlin at his theater as an usher absorbing all he could from the country music hall of famer.

“I would work as an usher at the Gatlin Brothers Theater at night and during the day I would cut Larry, Steve, and Rudy’s grass.”

“75% of what I know about entertaining I learned from Larry Gatlin and Tim Clark, the other 25% I learned on the stage” Alexander proudly states.

Gary left Myrtle Beach in the winter of ’95 to work for Opryland in San Antonio, TX and Tim was enjoying the role of emcee and comedian at Dixie Stampede and soaking up the Myrtle Beach sun while golfing on the Grand Strand.

After a short stint in Nashville, Gary returned to Myrtle Beach where he once again crossed paths with Tim. Tim began to groom Gary as his understudy as comedian at Dixie Stampede. The two worked together for 3 years at Dixie and Gary even began playing rhythm guitar in the Tim Clark Band.

1999 saw the Nashville Network (TNN) bring in the Crook & Chase television show to a theater in Myrtle Beach. Gary was cast as the audience pre-show act as well as a featured performer in the show “Summer of 66” at the same Venue.

With other members of the Summer of 66 show, Gary founded a band called October and began a short recording stint for Warner Brothers Records.

In 2001, Gary once again left Myrtle Beach to work on celebrity cruises in Europe and Tim began to evolve and change direction of his career. After a long and prosperous partnership with Dixie Stampede, Tim began to go back to his roots and the Tim Clark Band became his number one priority.

Tim once again was playing in front of packed houses and festivals and became a favorite of Nascar royalty such as Dale Earnhardt Inc. and Roush Racing.

After his time on the high seas was up in 2002, Gary moved to Las Vegas where he performed in showrooms on the Las Vegas Strip.

“I learned so much about entertaining on the stages in Las Vegas” Gary said.

“I was fortunate enough to have been featured in reality shows, daily morning TV shows, and countless books and national magazines.”

Around 2006, Gary and Tim each began to make a slow shift that would again evolve their careers. Gary began working in the sport of MMA (mixed martial arts) as a radio and web show host. Quickly Gary became integrated in the soul of the sport and developed relationships with the biggest names in MMA.

“The UFC was growing so fast and I had created one of the first online radio shows for the sport. I quickly became a personality in journalism in MMA and the bigger companies came calling.” Fighters Only magazine was one of these companies. Gary Began working as the U.S. operations manager for the largest print media source in the sport.

In 2009, Gary was voted one of the “Top 45 Under 45 Outstanding Gentlemen of Las Vegas” by Esquire Magazine and Elliott & Co.

At the same time, Tim had begun to satisfy a lifelong passion by playing in the “Beach Music” scene. Quickly Tim made an impact and had a #1 song with “Love Thing” and was a Cammy Award winner in 2010.

2011 marked the 20th year of their friendship and once again Tim and Gary were about to make another turn in their careers. The two began to discuss Gary moving back to Myrtle Beach and Tim made an offer Gary could not refuse.

“I knew Gary would be the perfect partner for me in an entertainment agency here in Myrtle Beach,” Tim said. “Gary was bringing back the type of experience I had when we performed in L.A. on Star Search with Sugarcreek. He was having the same unique experiences that I had in my career.”

“When Tim mentioned the idea of forming an entertainment agency with me I jumped at the chance. I knew the two of us would fill a void in the entertainment business here in Myrtle Beach, and with Tim being a former night club and restaurant owner, I felt we had all bases covered” Gary said.

Tim continues, “What sets us apart right away is that we know the entertainment business from both sides of the game. We know production, we know promoting, and we know entertaining.”

C & A Entertainment’s founders Gary Alexander and Tim Clark together bring over 60 years of onstage experience to the southeast.

C & A will offer the best music, models, specialty acts, audio visual aspects, and celebrity appearances.



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